Tips to Improve Your Web Design Skills 3

Tips to Improve Your Web Design Skills

Designing your website can be a difficult task. You have to know which design works for your page. Here are the tips you can use to design your website effectively:

Start designing in shades of gray, then add color

Start your frame using a gray scale design, add your photos and from there you can start your color shading. This strategy can prevent you from “overdesigning” your website.

Use web fonts to your corporate style guide

Consider using web fonts to upgrade your website. Just in case you haven’t used web fonts yet, Google Fonts is an awesome place to begin. Locate a reasonable web textual style and use it in your contents.

See this see sample from New Zealand Vacations page:



Simplify navigation

Remove dropdown menus and particularly multi-level dropdown options that only the most skilled mouse users can explore, and go above and beyond by diminishing the quantity of connections in the header or sidebar of your site.

Here is another example from New Zealand Vacations website:



Get color inspiration from nature

Attempting to locate the ideal shading mix for your site or a suggestion to take action realistic? Get your motivation from nature. You can either utilize your own particular camera to photo regular ponders around you or discover scene photographs on the web, the utilization a shading picker to choose a shading. Nature’s color palette never fails.

Use white space

It might be difficult to believe that utilizing whitespace is a web design hack; I believe websites should utilize more whitespace. Not every blank/white space on the screen should be filled.

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